Case Studies

Case Study: My Video Talk.

David Stoneman is an Associate Member of  the A.I.B his company is My Video Talk.

Although David has other commercial interests his time is being monopolised by his video mail business. The idea is basically to use streaming video technology with good old fashioned emails, opening up a whole host of opportunities. This particular system is very easy to use and incredibly cost effective too. In researching this piece I found that another company offering a very similar service was quoting well over £1k whereas My Video Talk is available from around £3 per month.

 David has already begun to expand and has customers around the globe, in fact this is a worldwide market. This concept has already taken America by storm and in view of that fact it could easily be the next big thing here. With improvements in video quality and download speeds the future does look very positive and with an emphasis on reducing travelling time, the video conferencing arena is set to expand rapidly. 

The A.I.B is very pleased to have David and his business as a member and David tells us he has been very impressed with us. The interesting feature of this business is that as well as offering a service, it also presents an opportunity. Visit David’s Web-site and make up your own mind.

We will be talking to David again in a couple of months and will publish an update here to tell you of his progress.

You can see My Video Talk in action, to visit David's site click on the icon below.



Case Study: Flexta Ltd

Flexta Limited is an Associate Member of the A.I.B

Flexta enables companies to realise the incredible potential of mobile business.  In simple terms, we help organisations ‘generate more revenues’ and ‘reduce operational costs’ by using SMS text messaging technologies.

Recently, the mobile phone has evolved to become an essential tool that rarely leaves our sides. Indeed, in the UK alone, there are now more than 60 million mobile phones, which generated an incredible 41.8 billion SMS text messages in 2006.

Flexta enables organisations to harness SMS to: raise brand awareness; capture real-time sales leads; communicate with consumers; and generate additional revenues - all on an automated basis, direct to a consumer’s mobile phone.

Our SMS products are suitable for all shapes and sizes of organisation, including SMEs, Charities, Sole Traders, and PLCs. And, although the technology we use is both complex and sophisticated, our solutions are simple to understand and are usually be implemented within 48 hours.

Stephen Jones, founder of Flexta said, “As a start-up business, Flexta joined the Association of Business primarily for the opportunity to network with other ‘like-minded’ SMEs.  Here, the AIB has certainly delivered – even taking the time to provide valuable feedback on our products and services.

Flexta has ambitious plans in 2007, including the launch of additional SMS solutions and other high-tech digital marketing products.  Going forward, Flexta has just entered the Association’s inaugural technology awards, and we’re also discussing ways that our SMS based technologies can be made available to all AIB members.”


Stephen can be contacted at


More information on Flexta’s SMS products can be found atflexta_horizontal_1-3

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