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We are the Association of Independent UK Businesses. We aim to provide British business people with opportunities normally only available to large successful companies.

Our ethos has always been to give our members genuine value.  We do this by providing valuable and deliverable products and services which make a difference.  Through our extensive network of professional consultants, trainers and leading business people we encourage best practice. 

For many business people membership of a trade association simply means paying to use a logo, but for our members it is far more rewarding than that.

By hosting regular events across the country we are able to listen to our members' views and respond to their needs.  We work hard to find ways to give our membership a commercial edge whether that be through savings on everyday expenses or great value services. Our meetings also encourage networking, exchange of ideas and a real opportunity to gain from others experience in a friendly open environment amongst like-minded people.

We believe in rewarding our members for working with us towards the common goal of commercial success.  Throughout the year we run a number of competitions to recognise excellence in areas such as customer service, resource efficiency, people effectiveness and business development, all designed to promote awareness. 

By providing a business tool kit  we offer a tangible resource to help you grow and develop your business.  We actively encourage promotion of training, staff development and continuous professional development.

Membership to the Association of Independent Businesses is very affordable and represents good value for money.

Work with us, learn with us, grow with us.






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